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The game "evolving Objects - Coins and Diamonds" has been developed with great passion and care and the developer hopes that you will have fun with it.

Because of the vast amount of Android devices, it is not possible to test the game on all systems which are available at the time of its publication. Therefore, should the game not run on your device to your satisfaction, then please send an email to the address which you can find here on the "Contact" page and also in the game itself.

You will see that the game is running continuously in "real-time". It has been a great challenge to realize the same gaming experience on all the different Android systems, that means that on all devices the game should run with the same speed. For this purpose a speed measurement will be done right after the app has been started. If during this speed measurement other apps are running in the background or if other events happen (an incoming call, for example), then this speed measurement may be influenced negatively. In order to realize a stable gaming experience, the speed measurement will be done at each app start and the measured values will be stored on the game server. With these stored values a weighted average value will then be calculated and this average value will be used on your device. This means that the more often you have started the app, the more stable the game will be running on your system.

It is planned to install a section with "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) here. Therefore, check out this site if you encounter a situation which looks strange to you. Other players may have made the same experience and you may find an explanation here.

For now there is nothing else to say than... HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE GAME.

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